Hi there, my name is Roland Verment, founder and CEO of Paneuromix. I like to share my passion with you by telling about the core principles of my product. I started Paneuromix with the idea to formulate a really powerful supplement to stimulate the brain with only the best ingredients in clinically effective dosages that will really have a significant beneficial effect on people's lives and is convenient to use on a daily basis. I want to help people realise their goals and eventually actualize themselves, the highest level on Maslow's pyramid.
I’m not only targeting “A-type high achieving” CEO’s of big multinationals, but also more laid back people that search a more moderate lifestyle. Or even people who alternate periods of intense focused effort with “mini-retirements”. Also for more laid back people it is important to work effective and structured on their goals. By working effective you can save time and spend more time on traveling, sports and family and friends.
With this nootropic as core product I also develop additional products.

Who am I?

Originally I’m neuropsychologist. For over more than 15 years do nootropics have my uttermost attention. Personal experimentation, intensive communication with the nootropic and “bio-hacking” scene and experts, together with extensive literature studying let to a firm base of theoretical and practical knowledge on this theme. Besides this I give neurofeedback therapy on a daily basis, an advanced brain training method. I evolved gradually in a “Peak-Performance” expert.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics ( /noʊ.əˈtrɒpɪks/ noh-ə-TROP-iks) are the next generation of brain boosters and do what energy drinks can only dream of. A combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and other substances that safely boost your brain. Until recently, most people found their resort to energy drinks and caffeine pills that do give a short boost, mostly physically, but can also cause a rebound effect and contain a lot of calories. Nootropics have a more subtle way of functioning and usually have more and more effect after extended use.
Some nootropics activate your mind. They give you mental energy that allows you to focus and get things done. Other ones have a tranquilizing and brightening effect. They give a state of overview on your daily planning and routines. Other ones can improve your memory and allow you to retain memory traces with ease, for example names and events in the past. By making smart mix of these ingredients you can get a combination of these effects.


Personal challenge

My personal challenge is to find a mix that combines the best of all of these benefits. Hence the name Paneuromix: = “Pan”, greek for “all” + “Neuro”, greek for related to the nerves, + “Mix”, greek for combine. A mix like that has many benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that you don’t have to grab a shelf full of bottles everyday and make sure you have all ratios right. From my own experience I know that it takes a lot of discipline to take all supplements on a constant and consequent base. Discipline and willpower which you can better spare for other things. Paneuromix overcomes all of these obstacles and delivers calmness and focus. By using blister packages you can easily take them with in your pocket or bag. Because there is always room for improvement Paneuromix is continuously updated.

Core principles

This brings me to the core principles of Paneuromix

  • No compromises in quality of ingredients
  • No compromises in dosing, always clinically effective dosing
  • Easy-to-use on a daily base, no constraints here
  • Continuous evolving products


As developer of Paneuromix I am a daily user myself. What I experience while using Paneuromix is a light state of activity. I feel more mental energy, but at the same time I have more overview and can take decisions more calm and considerate. It’s as if my “thinking muscle” is more powerful and flexible. Besides this I experience that my memory is improving slowly. For example: in the past I often had to dig deep to come up with names, memories and words. Now they seem to jump in my mind more spontaneously. Especially the duration of the effect keeps surprising me. I take it in the morning and I can work all day with almost no hesitation! Even after a whole day, I still have energy and ideas that I want to work out.

For further questions you can always email me at support@paneuromix.com.



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